Wednesday, August 13, 2014

As If in God's Hands

The new page to the right is a short passage from the Diary of Neuchar de Merlner, an ecstatic poet who found success after exile on Europa in 2036. 

Physical books were very rare by the time Meriel received the volume - there was not much need to push a pound of mass around the galaxy when photons were free. But Meriel Hope's grandmother thought it valuable enough to keep it with her and pass it on to Meriel's mother, Esther, who then gave it to her best friend Teddy. Teddy in turn gave it to Meriel.

Of most interest to me in writing Meriel's story, is that her most heart felt wish, her goal to find a safe home for her sister and friends, is set early in her life and she acts consistent with that goal. Rather than inspire her, the passage from de Merlner describes her. And rather than seeing herself as a hero, she understands that her goal may overwhelm her, but she can do no other and be true to herself.