Grace ...

.From The Diary of Neuchar de Merlner, Europa, 2112
Verse 57: Nova Conta, Section 6
La grĂ¢ce (Grace)

God offers us all redemption without condition and the peace that comes from it. But we have no proof of this peace if it is offered only in heaven and only after we die. If we have no proof in this life, then why should we bother with God?

We bother because the peace that is offered is the peace during our life, not peace in heaven: redemption occurs here while you breathe and forgiveness comes from God.

It is beyond mere mortals made of heart and flesh to forgive the callous murder of the innocent. And it is beyond us to forgive ourselves for those deepest of sins, those acts of knowing cruelty that warp the bones of our adulthood with guilt. But God can forgive if only you ask. That is why it is called God’s grace, and why it is a miracle.

And granted that miracle we may live our lives again and benefit others, not to seek forgiveness, but because we’ve been blessed.

(c) 2016 B.R.Strong, Jr.

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