Saturday, August 1, 2015

Next installment ... Chapter 3 - Lander Station

I just posted Chapter 3 of the story to the right.

On Lander Station, Meriel meets with her lawyer and her Aunt Teddy to figure out what to do to save the Princess, from the scrap heap. John helps her defend against thugs, and she learns more about John and his home colony. Her crew gets tangled up in a bar fight with a rival crew and Meriel needs to bail them out. On leaving Lander, Teddy sends Meriel a book that once belonged to Meriel's grandmother...

“Once in an age, the forces of darkness align to bend the arc of history.

“And once in an age, the arc of history bends around the wheel of one committed person who, acting from his or her own virtuous interests, changes the course of history: the child who raises the flag above the barricades; the mother who thrusts the picture of her murdered child before the dead eyes of the tyrant; the girl who refuses to deny her love for God while her flesh burns at the stake—individuals who grip a shred of civilization with both hands and will not give it up…”

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