Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Home: Interstellar - Free May 4 and 5

A two day promotion is set for today and tomorrow only ...

** Free ** May 4 and 5 only:

Home: Interstellar - Merchant Princess
"Hard sci-fi with a heart...complex, compelling tale of galactic intrigue."  --Kirkus Reviews.

"In Home: Interstellar by Ray Strong we are presented with a strong blending of genres, a science fiction tale that reads like a pilgrimage with a haunted and haunting female character who combines strength and grace in a way that instantly wins the reader over to her perspective and her values, her every cause.  ... The characters here are fully realized, vivid and alive, and often do surprising things - or do / say things that are very human, which can be rare.  I especially like Meriel, who wins the reader over early and often and seems fully realized on the page, alive and breathing..." -- Writer's Digest.

Finalist: Writers Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards, Genre Fiction.

The happy life of twelve-year-old spacer Meriel Hope, her sister, and friends are torn apart when pirates attack their home – the merchant ship Princess – and slaughter their parents. Ten years of drugs, separation, and fear later, the galaxy has forgotten about the attack. But Meriel still searches for the reason why. When she finds the reason, she and the orphans become targets for the conspirators again who fear what they might remember and who they could implicate.

Follow the adventures of Meriel Hope and her fight for survival in an unforgiving universe.

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