Friday, February 10, 2017


I added the deMerlner essay Grace to the permanent sidebar. I posted it last year, but I like it.

"...It is beyond mere mortals made of heart and flesh to forgive the callous murder of the innocent. And it is beyond us to forgive ourselves for those deepest of sins, those acts of knowing cruelty that warp the bones of our adulthood with guilt. But God can forgive if only you ask. That is why it is called God’s grace, and why it is a miracle.

"And granted that miracle we may live our lives again and benefit others, not to seek forgiveness, but because we’ve been blessed."

(From Home: Interstellar - Merchant Princess)

That and many others will be published separately in de Merlner's diary.

Also, updated schedule for 2nd Edition is in late March. Stay tuned.

(c) 2015 B. R. Strong, Jr.

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