Saturday, March 25, 2017

Meriel's Ten Stages of a Spacers Party

I thought I'd offer these in case they are removed in the 2nd Edition. These are typical for any nerd who visits a space station's Blue-Zone bars (or Chicago's Rush Street) after a long tour of duty. If I remember correctly, Stage 8 follows Stage 7 within a few nano-seconds.

  1. uncomfortably shy and distant; 
  2. polite or coy;
  3. friendly and engaging conversation; 
  4. double entendre, puns, and sexual innuendo; 
  5. loud and bawdy; 
  6. out of control, partial undress, drinking with your worst enemy; 
  7. looking for trouble; 
  8. finding trouble, confrontation/altercation; for large parties, rioting;
  9. nursing wounds; and 
  10. Soberall(TM), sleep, or rehab.
    (c) 2015 B. R. Strong, Jr.

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