Thursday, September 24, 2015

Press Release for Home: Interstellar


New Science Fiction Novel Home: Interstellar is set during the Wars of Immigration

Late in the twenty-second century, humans inhabit thousands of colonies and space stations, but limited resources and political instability challenge what it means to be human. One twenty-two year old woman and her orphaned siblings discover how to survive in this hostile galaxy.

Pleasanton, CA. September 2015 – Impulse Fiction announces the launch of the new Sci-Fi thriller, Home: Interstellar.

"Hard sci-fi with a heart...complex, compelling tale of galactic intrigue."  --Kirkus Reviews

No one believed Meriel Hope when she said the attack on her home ship, the Princess, was piracy. There had not been a reported hijacking in a century, and she was just a twelve-year-old kid. But Meriel knew that pirates slaughtered her parents and friends and left her with the responsibility to find a safe home for her sister and the surviving orphans.

Ten years after the attack, Meriel still suffers from symptoms of PTSD while she struggles to carve out a normal life for herself on a new ship with a new job and a new romance. Unknown to her, the conspiracy behind the carnage on the Princess still plots to enslave an entire sector of space to control a priceless resource.

But Meriel and the orphans are in the way. Again.

Follow the adventures of Meriel Hope as she fights for freedom and survival in an unforgiving universe.

Impulse Fiction is proud to offer this debut novel from Ray Strong. Available on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and other major distributors.

Ray Strong went to college to learn how to design space ships and has spent his entire career in high-tech industries. He lives in California with his wife and family. You can visit him online at or on twitter @RayStrong8.

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